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MUTCD 11th-Edition-Section 6 Temporary Traffic Control

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways



This highly interactive online simulator guides users through a series of situations in which decision making is key. Users prioritize their vehicle handling and emergency task activities while experiencing situations related to typical emergency response or pursuit operations. Three separate driver training modules are available for Police, Fire, and EMS.

Attention & Distracted Driving

This course covers the negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds. Drivers will practice strategies for eliminating controllable distractions. The course is designed for drivers of all municipal agencies including CDL and non-CDL drivers and includes interactive graphics that will engage the adult learner.

Please click on the link below for the logon information and instructions to access these interactive online simulation-based trainings:

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Model Policies

Disclaimer – These are “Model Policy Templates” – NOT – final policies. Each member must review the templates, discuss the options with your county attorney, and finalize the policies that are best suited to your needs. These sample policies and procedures are not intended to be all-encompassing and are believed to conform to current law and practice at the time of preparation.  However, counties and authorities are cautioned to seek legal advice from a qualified employment attorney before adopting any employment policies and procedures.


Disclaimer – The “Consent to Check Motor Vehicle Records” form was prepared to assist our clients as part of their overall safety program.  To the best of our knowledge and belief, the form complies with current law and practice at the time of preparation.  However, we recommend that all entities and authorities contact their attorney or labor counsel, and have them review the form before issuing the form to any employees to make sure there is no conflict with any local ordinance or collective bargaining agreement.

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